DPA’s 2013 PWD Awareness Campaign

Two years ago, Singapore’s DPA (Disabled People’s Association) launched an awareness campaign for PWDs entitled “Their Greatest Disability is Our Apathy.” They had posters placed in public areas, such as the subway and bus stations, to inform us how we can be an inconvenience to PWDs.

DPA is a non-profit organization in Singapore that was created in 1986. Their mission is to be the voice of all persons with disabilities in order to create equal opportunities for them in society. Among their objectives are PWD empowerment, increased awareness of disability issues, and joint advocacy with other organizations that have similar goals. You can read more about their organization here.

Their campaign was based on the insight that most obstacles faced by PWDs are a result of our apathy or ignorance.Simple actions such as crowding an elevator when going down a floor or two or using specially marked PWD toilets can be convenient to us but a major hindrance to the everyday living of PWDs.

DPA released three posters showing how we don’t think about our fellow PWDs in common day to day circumstances:

They also released a Youtube video: