Top Four Features for PWD-Friendly Establishments

Here are the top four things that are needed for an establishment to be PWD friendly:

1. Wheelchair ramps, lifts and elevators in key areas

People in wheelchairs have difficulty moving to elevated areas and find it impossible to climb up stairs. Placing wheelchair ramps, lifts and elevators in key areas, such as unloading zones,would give more accessibility to PWDs.

2. Wide and accessible parking slots for PWDs

Wide parking slots allow individuals to help their family members in wheelchairs to enter and leave their vehicle. Parking slots for the handicapped should also be located near building entrances. Otherwise, PWDs would have to bear with the inconvenience of traveling a long distance.

If you’re driving and your car doesn’t carry a PWD, remember to be considerate and not to park in slots designated for the handicapped. And if the people in the vehicle in front of you are taking time in helping their PWD family member alight from the vehicle, remember to be patient and not to honk your car horn.

3. Restrooms for PWDs

Most malls already have a separate restroom for PWDs. These restroomsusually feature handrails near the door, toilet and sink. Sometimes, there will also be a push button in case the person in the wheelchair needs emergency assistance.

4. Trained and Courteous Staff

Beyond having wheelchair-friendly facilities, establishments should also train their staff in how to properly treat PWDs. Staff should be respectful when addressing them and should also be knowledgeable about the locations of wheelchair-friendly elevators, lifts and restrooms.

You might be surprised to know that the Greenhills Shopping Center is one of the more PWD- friendly establishments in the Philippines. Other establishments can look at the design and facilities of this mall in order to improve their accessibility.

Check the video below for more details

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